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Best Times To Trade in Binary Options

Best Times To Trade in Binary Options

What is the Best Times To Trade in Binary Options ?

Best Times is a very important factor in Binary Options Trading. When you open Put or Call order to increase your winning chance, you should know and understand market movement behavior in different times. The important difference between Forex or Binary Options trading and stock is we can trade all days from Monday to Friday so we are able to find the best time to trade in Binary Options.

First of all let’s look at market time chart:

Well, you can see when Sydney Market is open and Tokyo market will open after 2 hours. You can see between 13-17 GMT time and both New York and London markets are open. Now another important factor is market volume chart so you should know when the market volume is the highest and the lowest. Best Times To Trade in Binary Options

Japanese traders has only about 3.5% transactions during the day but in the last chart you can see that after EUR the JPY has more volume it will show that the other countries traders are eager to trading JPY.

According to the above information, we understand that the highest market volume is between 13-16 GMT times because EUROPE, USA and LONDON markets are open at the same time. Best Times To Trade in Binary Options

How can we find the best time to trade? This depends on your trading strategies. Strategies are different. Some Binary traders work better in a fast market movement with high volume and high volatility. Other traders are better when market volatility and volume is low. All depends on your strategies. Best Times To Trade in Binary Options

Now there is a simple way to understand the best time for your trading strategies.

  • Open different demo accounts for trading on Binary Options. According to different strategies, if you have 4 strategies to open orders, you should open 4 demo accounts.
  • Set your demo accounts in your strategies separately. For instance, if you have one strategy on Moving average and the another one is on Fibonacci. You must open your moving average strategy on your first demo account and open your Fibonacci strategy on another demo account. Don’t trade on your first account according to the your Fibonacci strategy.
  • After at least 1 month, export your trading history and analyze your trading according to the market time. If you analyze carefully, it’s very easy to define your best time for your strategy.
    After 1 month, on your Fibonacci account, you will see that the most winning positions are between 10:00-14:00 PM and the most loses on your Moving average account is between 08:00 – 15:00 PM then you can understand on your real account. you should trade with your Fibonacci strategy between 10:00 – 14:00 and leave your Moving average strategy during 08:00 – 15:00

Best Times To Trade in Binary Options


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